Server information

What kind of server is Gorehowl?

Gorehowl is a practice server providing new and veteran players alike the necessary tools to prepare and remain competitive for the various races introduced by the achievement system in WotLK.

Is Gorehowl a custom server?

At its core, Gorehowl is 100% Blizzlike in terms of rates, spawns, loot, etc. Our practice realms will feature custom systems offering various free in-game services (e.g. boosts) but they will always be optional to players.
Also, we’ll do our best so that such systems seamlessly integrate with the game in terms of setting and lore.

What is the realm type?

Our first realm, Hellscream, is a PvE realm.

What core is Gorehowl running on?

Gorehowl is proudly powered by the open-source project, AzerothCore.

Donations & Rewards

Will there be a shop?

No, there won’t be a shop in the traditional sense. We will have cosmetic-only rewards that players can claim, however none will include items that are normally obtainable in-game.

Is this server P2W?

No. Nor will it ever be. We would rather shut it down than selling out. We are doing this out of pure passion for the game so the project will always be non-profit and non-P2W.

Players that want to support the project will be able to donate or help with development/moderation. All donations will be redistributed towards server, development and infrastructure costs.

How can I claim rewards?

When the Rewards Catalogue will launch, you will be able to claim rewards from our website with points obtained via donations. Points will also be granted to players via in-game activities and events.

How can I donate?

At this moment we are not taking any donations. We will announce at a later date when this option will be available.